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Delivering the Workplace as a Hospitality Brand

Brands are meant to communicate values and make bold promises.  Great brands proclaim aspirational values that can inspire customers to lifelong loyalty.  At the recent Corenet Global Summit of corporate real estate executives, I presented a strategic framework for delivering the corporate workplace as a great […]


Examining the 4 IT Principles of Competitive Advantage

In 2003 Nicholas Carr wrote an article, “IT Doesn’t Matter.” Things have sure changed since then. Today, IT helps companies – including Steelcase – gain a competitive advantage through advanced tools and data analysis. I recently explored this concept in an article for CIO Talk Radio’s […]


Two Wheel Commute

Across all industries, we’re seeing an increased focus on wellbeing. Some believe it’s driven by the increased cost of healthcare. Others point to an increased awareness of health thanks to the ubiquitous amount of information available to consumers. Whatever the case, wellbeing is an important factor […]


The Pros and Cons of “BYOD” at Work

The workplace is changing; employees are no longer tied to their desks or offices. As the trend of remote and mobile working continues to grow, it’s important for organizations to allow their employees to make personalized choices about the technology they use in remote and mobile […]